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Tile Tips and Tactics

Tile can be the finishing touch to a room adding a dramatic focal point or simply connecting all of the spaces Choosing it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the colors, sizes, and textures available. Some things to consider before you tackle your tile project:

#CharterParade: A Tale of Two Shores

Parade Graphic2.jpg
A river runs through the east and west shores splitting in two the different lifestyle opportunities in Central Pennsylvania. Depending how you want to live, Charter has three great locations in this year's Harrisburg Parade of Homes happening September 26th through October 4th which may make the decision even more difficult!

Psssst: Check Out the Dillon

Dillon design in Veranda in Hempfield Township, Lancaster, PA
Drive down Picket Street in Hempfield Township's Veranda and you'll see a lot of activity with the final three Dillon designs being built. There's so much to love with these homes that we couldn't wait until they were finished to give you a sneak peek!

Party People on The Hill!

The annual block party at the Charter neighborhood of Spring Hill in Harrisburg just keeps on getting better and better! According to our Neighborhood Sales Manager, this year's crowd clocks in at about 100 saying "It's always a great party with games, food and great neighbors."

The Story of the Neighborhood Trees

The neighborhood of Millcreek in Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA
The thousands of trees found in the landscape and the winding streets of Charter neighborhoods are not only breathtaking, but tell the story of the land of The Great American Neighborhood.® Preserved and planted trees are carefully placed and randomly scattered to soften the hardscapes and connect the homes to the neighborhood creating a beautiful backdrop that feels as though it's been that way since time began.

Driving Optional at Arcona

When you step into Arcona, Charter's newest Great American Neighborhood in Mechanicsburg, it feels more like a quaint, small town where you have choices. From tucked-away, single-family homes in Highpoint Arcona, to the more active town home life in downtown Crossroads, you decide how you want to live.

5 Ways to Love a Labor Day Stay

Before you jump in your car this Labor Day and head nowhere fast in bumper-to-bumper traffic, think about it. Do you really want to hear "are we there yet" endless times or do you want to relax and love the three-day weekend at home? A little planning and imagination will keep everyone happy including the kids. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Towns at Meridian Makes the Cut!

Townhomes at the Towns at Meridian in Mechanicsburg, PA
If you were away and didn't get the chance to flip the pages of The Patriot-News this past Sunday, you would have missed, "Luxury townhome neighborhood offers coziness, convenience." Charter's very own Towns at Meridian was featured as the Community of the Week! (Cue the applause)!

The Window is Closing at Millcreek

Dirt is being moved at Millcreek! Only a handful of opportunities to build your dream home are left in this iconic Lancaster County neighborhood with two homes being sold in just the last few weeks.

Help! I Need More Space for My Genes!

14CHTR15842FINAL copy.jpg
Surprise! You may be looking for a larger home in retirement. What??? Seems that the empty nest is getting full again as people are looking for not only a larger home, but one that has the right configuration for other family members to live comfortably with them.

Space and Light Rule in the Porter

Walk into the Porter in the Springwood neighborhood in York and you will be blown away by the size of this home. With 2,500+ square feet, you'll immediately feel the space. Charter designs every home with more windows that are larger in size, giving you more light that shines in and adds to the spacious feel of the home.