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The New Hues at Highlands

Nothing like kicking off the new year than with a new Homestore at Highlands! Set on one of the homesites in the newest phase - the new Homestore features some of the best finishes, fixtures and colors right on trend with what's hot in 2016. We invite you to tour the new Homestore on it's debut weekend - January 16th -17th!

New Things are Happening at Highlands!

Exciting things are happening at Highlands in Newberry Township! Not only have we welcomed 3 new homeowners to Highlands in the last 30 days – but a brand new model home is under construction! We can’t wait to give you the sneak peek into the paint colors used and the inspiration behind the design – but first, some important news!

Your Guide to the Recent Rate Increase

This week, the biggest news is the .25% rate hike by the Federal Reserve – the first rate hike in nearly a decade! And, it is anticipated that a hike in mortgage rates of .50% over the next 12 months. But don’t panic – we’re breaking it down to help you navigate what it all means for you.

More Accolades for Strasburg, PA!

When we hear that a Central PA town is named to another Top 10 list, we’re always happy. But, when it happens to be a Central PA town home to one of our neighborhoods – we get even more excited and proud!

3 Reasons to Purchase Your Home This Month

With all of the recent coverage - we thought we'd boil down the housing market trends into 3 simple takeaways on what it means for homebuyers - and why at this very moment it is the most economical time to buy a new home.

Literally the Best Home Shopping Channel!

It's Cyber Monday! The biggest online shopping day of the year where you kick back after a crazy holiday weekend and with just a few clicks you've found some great gifts without even breaking a sweat. So, how about a special gift for yourself?

Charming Heritage Strasburg a Popular Choice

Phase 1 will be closing out soon with only 4 home sites left. One of the most scenic, 55+ neighborhood locations in Lancaster County will be moving onto another chapter soon with its next new building phase. Six new homeowners will be ringing in the new year in their new homes. Will you be the seventh?

Only 2 Home Sites Left at Veranda

Two More Chances to Build in One of Lancaster's Most Beloved Neighborhoods. Located at one of the most convenient locations in Lancaster County, Veranda stands out for a number of reasons. Drive by this well-known neighborhood off of Harrisburg Pike and Sylvan Roads and your eyes are immediately drawn to the lush and mature landscape that surrounds it.

Visit Our New Home Store at Deer Run Commons!

Charter has just opened a new home store at 653 Whitetail Drive in Deer Run Commons and its the fantastic Sterling design. You have to come visit in person to see all of the bells and whistles in this townhome but here's our Top 10 Countdown of what makes the Sterling a popular choice:

The 3 Last and Final Homesites at Millcreek

It's hard to believe that we are down to the final three home sites in Lancaster's beloved Millcreek neighborhood. Life runs through this neighborhood that has only gotten better with time. Some of our favorite things:

Spring Hill - Best Selling Neighborhood Last Week!

Open Family Room at Spring Hill Model Home in Harrisburg, PA
"Best Day of Our Life" says new homeowner at Spring Hill. Maybe it's the sweeping views and quiet location. Or it could be the large home sites with open floor plans and designs. Maybe its the baseball field in the neighborhood. Yep - we think it's all of those things and more that made Spring Hill the best selling Charter neighborhood last week.