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8 Miles. 3 Homes. 1 Fun Day.

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From the oldest to the youngest Charter Neighborhood and one that's in between, you'll find them all to be different and unique, just like every one of Charter's Great American Neighborhoods.

You'll Be Proud to Call Hershey Home

We've always known that our Deer Run Commons neighborhood has a very special address. Located in Derry Township, Deer Run Commons is in the heart of Hershey. And, Hershey has been in the news a lot the last couple of weeks.

Lancaster Loves Millcreek

Millcreek, Charter's first Great American Neighborhood, has become a favorite of Lancastrians over the years. What's not to love? This stunning neighborhood has become even more beautiful over the last 13 years because it was originally designed around what was before.

Walk Out of Your Head and Into Walden

To walk is cathartic. It helps us relieve stress, unwind after a busy day and it's great exercise. But many times when we walk we don't really take in our surroundings. We're too busy texting on our phone or having a tough conversation inside of our heads. And what shame that is because if you take a look around, really take notice, you'll immediately get a sense of why Walden is The Great American Neighborhood.®

The Palmer Makes a Statement at the Highlands

Kitchen in the Palmer at the Highlands in York Haven, PA
When you visit the ready-now Palmer home at the Highlands, you will be blown away by the amazing value that this home provides. At nearly 2,500 square feet and priced at below $100 per square foot (yes - this is not a misprint), you would think there are no bells and whistles, right?

Work Less. Enjoy More at Meridian.

The warmer weather we have been experiencing is fantastic (except maybe for the loads of pollen)! With that in mind, if you live at Meridian in Lower Allen Township in Mechanicsburg, you are lucky because maintenance free living allows you to work less and enjoy more.

Grandview's Roots Are Firmly Planted

Our Roots. Our History. What's Our Story? That question enters everyone's minds at some point in our lives. A need so universal that technology now helps us trace our ancestry to discover and uncover who we are. Every one has a story and so does every place, especially Grandview.

Live a Vibrant Life at Florin Hill

The Village at Florin Hill in Mount Joy, PA
There are so many things that come to mind when you think of Charter's Florin Hill neighborhood. It's location is not only convenient to Harrisburg, Hershey, Elizabethtown and Lancaster, but you are also smack-dab in the middle of Mount Joy, a vibrant small town with rich history.

The Brookfield Debuts at Chanticleer

"I feel the earth...move...under my feet..." No this isn't an act of nature or a Carole King song, but it is Charter Homes & Neighborhoods beginning construction of the new Brookfield home design, the first of its kind and just sold in gorgeous Chanticleer!

Walk to It All at Emerson Park

Woodford Townhome in Walden, located in Mechanicsburg, PA
If living life on the outside of your home is just as important as living on the inside, you’ll love the new Towns at Emerson Park. Newly released, this enclave of town homes offers A Great Address in Walden, an award winning neighborhood in Mechanicsburg, PA by Charter Homes & Neighborhoods.